Sialendoscopic salivary gland stone lithotripsy and removal

Salivary gland stone (sialolithiasis) treatment with sialendoscopy (salivary gland endoscopy) can be performed in many countries. In Turkey Dr Atilla Sengor has been working since 2004 on the diagnosis and intervention of salivary gland ductal system pathologies. With pneumatic lithotripsy (stone fragmentation) it is often possible to breake and extract even over 1cm sized stones. Only with sialendoscopic approach (without any incision) our succes rates are over 90% in salivary stone management. Dr. Atilla Sengor uses pneumatic lithotripsy since 2007. Because of this we receive patients not only from Turkey but from all over the neighbour countries.With sialendoscopy we have the chance to preserve the glands without an open surgery. And recently, with improved sialendoscopes and tools this chance is very high. Dr Atilla Sengor, one of the two pioneer sialendoscopist in Turkey, gives detailed information about sialendoscopy with a video of pneumatic salivary stone fragmentation and stone removal.

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